General Application Information 2021-22

Thank you for your interest in University of the Arts London (UAL).

Please take the time to read the following information, as it will answer many questions about becoming a student at UAL including how to apply  through the Canadian office.

The Canadian office provides a free advisory service to prospective applicants. We host virtual information sessions throughout the year and in the past have hosted events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. We visit Canadian high schools, colleges and universities on request and we host admissions interviews in Canada for students who apply through the Canadian office.

The Canadian based staff is available to answer any questions you may have and to support you throughout the application and admissions process.

This year we will offer a regular calendar of virtual information sessions and other online events as well as host online admissions interviews for students applying through the Canadian office for admission in 2021. Check the calendar of upcoming events. We look forward to helping you decide if UAL is right for you.

UAL will participates in National Portfolio Day, and this year the events will be online.  This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your portfolio.

We will be participating on the following dates: Sunday, November 15 and 22.

Until UAL is able to welcome visitors we have created a series of virtual tours so that you can visit and explore our college facilities online. In addition, course specific Virtual Open Days provide the opportunity to learn more about specific courses as well as what studying at UAL is like.

The Canadian office provides a free advisory service – by phone – to help students prepare for application. Schedule an advisory call. This step in the application process is required before an interview can be considered.


There are 3 ways to apply to UAL:

  1. Through the Canadian office (no fee) – recommended.
  2. Direct to UAL (no fee) – no participation in Canadian interviews or support from the Canadian office.
  3. Through UCAS (fees apply). Note: UCAS does not offer the option to apply to first year (freshman-level) further education courses (Foundation, International Preparation and International Introduction courses).


The Canadian office has a different application process and deadlines than the ‘apply online’ option on the UAL website so please follow the information below carefully.

  1. To begin, please submit an Application Registration. This information about yourself will help us guide you through the international student application process.
  2. After receiving your information, you will be asked to schedule a follow-up advisory to discuss course options, portfolio preparation, etc. This advisory is an important step before an interview can be considered. You can schedule an advisory call.
  3. After submitting your information, you’ll receive an email with a checklist and instructions about how to submit supporting/supplementary documentation – transcript, personal statement, academic recommendation letter, etc.
  4. Once your documentation is reviewed and processed you may be invited to attend an online admissions interview and asked to submit a digital portfolio for review.

Application Fees
There is no fee to apply through the Canadian office.

Application Deadlines
There are international application deadlines for many courses and it is your responsibility to check any specific application deadlines and plan accordingly. Admissions is highly competitive, so we recommend that you plan to apply well ahead of any deadline.

Canadian Interviews
Canadian admissions interviews for 2021 will be held online. Candidates benefit from the possibility of immediate decision. For consideration, applicants must complete submission of application by the deadline noted below. Please complete our Application Registration Form for more information.

Confirmed Interview Dates:
January 20 – 22, 2021 (application paperwork must be completed by January 10, 2021)
February 8 – 10, 2021 (application paperwork must be completed by January 22, 2021) 

Application Decisions
Admissions decisions for some applicants are made on the spot for Canadian interviews or within 8-10 weeks of receipt of a complete application to our London office.


Application to all studio-based courses is by portfolio review. Students applying to a studio or practice-based course must submit an extensive portfolio of work. Generally, a portfolio should contain a broad selection of work from the past two years, and show experimentation with different media, as well as demonstrate technical skills and conceptual ability.

When assessing a portfolio, the processes (research) used to develop the work are as important as the work itself. It’s important to show completed work, but it is vital that you include sketchbooks, drawings, as well as any visual research and planning you did to develop your work as part of your portfolio. Remember, we are particularly interested in your most recent work even if it is unfinished.

It is not important that all work be finished. The course team examines portfolios to gain an idea of your imagination and approach to your creativity as well as your technical skills, and sketchbooks and diagrams can often provide evidence of potential as well as more finished work.

Some courses have specific portfolio requirements and/or supplementary written requirements; check course web pages for details.

Watch this Portfolio Video for advice about portfolio preparation and explore Portfolio UAL’s gallery of student work.  Further advice can be found on our entry requirements page.


Planning your finances is a big part of the decision to apply and it is important that you consider how you will pay tuition and living expenses before making an application.

Annual tuition fees are due in full at the beginning of the academic year for all further education and undergraduate courses. Installment payment plans are offered to post-graduate degree courses.

In addition, the UK student visa application for international students has explicit financial regulations that require a student to provide documentation of how they will pay tuition fees and living expenses. It is important that you plan accordingly.

Tuition Fees
2021-22 Tuition fees will be published in late fall 2020. As a guide 2020-21 international annual tuition fees were: 

Further Education: £18,300 (Foundation Diploma, International Prep and International Intro courses)
Undergraduate: £22,920* (includes FdA Degrees, BA/BSc Degrees)
Masters & Research: £20,110 – £32,900*

*Some courses have non-standard fees. Tuition fees can be found in the ‘Facts’ tab on the course web page.

Living Expenses
In addition to tuition fees, we estimate that you will need a minimum of £12,000 – 15,000 per year for living expenses including housing, food, and local travel. More information can be found here.

To calculate estimated tuition fees and living expenses in Canadian dollars, use the Oanda Currency Calculator

Scholarships and Need-Based Aid
The University does not offer need-based financial aid, scholarships, or merit awards to international further education or undergraduate level students. A small number of competitive scholarships are offered for select MA courses.

Outside Scholarships
Explore external bursary opportunities at Scholarships Canada.


The University offers 13 Halls of Residence located throughout the city. Students commute to college sites using London’s excellent public transportation. Accommodations are mainly private rooms in flats with shared kitchen and common areas. Meal plans are not offered.

Costs vary according to location and amenities. Accommodations at UAL


Who needs a visa?
From January 2021, any student who does not hold a UK passport must apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa to be able to study in the UK.

When can I apply for a student visa?
The earliest students can apply for the Tier 4 General visa is 90 days before the start of the course Students must hold a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study) from UAL before applying for the visa.

Find out more about the visa application process, visa application fees, and required documentation.


The British Council is a terrific resource for students considering studying in the UK.

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